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Graphene-Enhanced Fabrics, Fibers and Textiles Improve Performance and Create a Wide Range of Benefits

XG Sciences xGnP® graphene nanoplatelets are a versatile product. They can be used in place of carbon fiber and offer many benefits to textile and fiber-based applications. Graphene improves the overall mechanical and functional performance of fiber-based products. XG Sciences graphene additives for fabrics reduce textile static, provide UV resistance, improve anti-microbial resistance, increase thermal resistance of insulating textiles and increase water resistance to function as a moisture barrier.

XG Sciences graphene-based master batches easily integrate into yarn during processing at a concentration that meets your product and processing requirements.

Graphene Fabrics

Graphene is the strongest known material. It is harder than diamond, more elastic than rubber, tougher than steel and lighter than aluminum. It is also one of the thinnest known materials, providing unique thermal, mechanical and barrier properties. Our graphene formula, xGnP®, has shown improvements in 2-ply and 3-ply fabrics comprised of polyester and polyurethane. Textile and cloth materials also benefit from xGnP graphene and demonstrate extended product life and integrity.

Polymer Composites

Polymer composites enhanced with graphene are advanced materials solutions customized to deliver multifunctional improvements for numerous applications, including fibers and textiles.

We can help you identify a graphene fiber-reinforced customized polymer composite solution for your fabric and textiles project.

Smart Fabrics

xGnP materials can be used to create smarter fabrics and enable clothing designs never before possible. Graphene allows for added durability, weather resistance and thermal benefits to be incorporated into clothing designs, as well as support electronic devices on very high-end applications.

Benefits of Graphene in Textiles Include: 

  • Anti-microbial properties
  • Anti-static properties
  • Durability
  • Chemical and heat resistance
  • Water resistance

Let’s Get Started

XG Sciences produces graphene in various forms customizable to your manufacturing systems. These value-added substrates include liquid solutions (dispersions), master batches (composites) and graphene powders.

Contact us today to discuss the optimal graphene solution for your next project.