Specialized Dispersions

We create custom graphene formulas for your product applications

Specialized dispersions formulated with graphene are designed for specific applications requiring the high levels of performance enabled by graphene’s advanced properties. Each dispersion is designed with a unique graphene formulation created to optimize the properties needed to achieve a specific targeted result.

Graphene-enhanced dispersions power innovation in several market segments, including concrete, thermal interface materials, advanced graphene-based 3D printing materials, conductive inks and coatings, graphene-silicone composites, thin-sheet applications (3 –240 microns) and more.

Our Most Popular Dispersions

Our graphene dispersions, which are comprised of graphene suspended in a solvent, can be formulated in many materials including in water, NMP, polymers, ethanol, epoxy resin, DMF and other organic solvents.

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