• Rubber & Elastomers

xGnP Engineered Rubber Advancements

From engineered increases in strength and stiffness, to higher elongation and improved thermal management, XG Sciences xGnP® graphene nanoplatelets can help achieve your products’ desired performance. Tires formulated with graphene nanoplatelets exhibit increased compound stiffness and abrasion resistance resulting in improved rolling resistance and longer wear. xGnP graphene is applied in common rubber applications of seals, hoses, belting and can be uniquely formulated to improve critical performance characteristics such as compression set, burst strength and abrasion resistance.

Graphene-Infused Elastomers Improve Tension and Flexibility

Elastomers infused with XG Sciences graphene nanoplatelets exhibit both strength and elongation. In a range of elastomeric materials, xGnP graphene was found to provide advances in tear strength, puncture resistance, abrasion and thermal capability. In addition, foamed elastomeric systems can be tailored to deliver energy transfer and sound damping performance. There are nearly unlimited unique formulation aspects to improve rubber and elastomeric products.

About XG Sciences Graphene Nanoplatelets

A lightweight solution, graphene is 200x stronger than steel. It offers advanced conductivity, flexibility and stretch, is impermeable to gases, is corrosion-and fouling-resistant and flame retardant. A single additive, graphene, can be leveraged to improve your rubber or elastomer product’s strength, weight, flexibility, recyclability, barrier protection and more.

Specialized Dispersions for Specific Applications

Our specialty dispersions offer solutions for specific applications, including nanoplatelet paper and materials for thermal interface, concrete, silicone anodes (lithium-ion batteries), 3D printing and inks when flexibility is needed for conductivity. XG Sciences’ expert team of scientists and engineers can help determine a custom solution for your product needs.

  • Case Study: High-Performance Golf Balls

More speed off the tee

More spin forgiveness

More spin control

Larger, softer inner core

Faster curing in production

The Challenge

A leading global golf ball manufacturer sought to create a new golf ball that was lighter, would go farther and provide more spin control on landing.


We developed a custom graphene solution that yielded lighter, higher performance golf balls. Using graphene in golf ball manufacturing enabled the formulation of a larger and softer inner core for these golf balls, which were manufactured specifically for the amateur golf market. With the increased tensile strength and elongation, graphene decreased the thickness of the outer core while lightweighting the entire ball. Amateur golfers averaged a 19-foot longer drive and exert maximum spin control on landing with the graphene-enhanced balls. The materials also allowed for faster curing, enabling efficiency and quicker restocking for the golf ball manufacturer.

Let’s Get Started

XG Sciences produces graphene in various forms customizable to your manufacturing systems. These value-added substrates include liquid solutions (dispersions), master batches (composites) and graphene powders.

Contact us today to discuss the optimal graphene solution for your next project.