In February 2020, production began for XG graphene-enhanced Polyurethane engine covers available on all Ford and Lincoln passenger car and light truck platforms.

Teams from Ford, Eagle Industries and XG Sciences were invited to the Ford Research and Innovation Center to be recognized for innovative graphene development for use in under the hood parts.  Here are the XG graphene-enhanced Polyurethane improvements over Polyurethane foam parts without graphene:

  • Increased compression strength by 20%,
  • Improved heat deflection temperature by 30%
  • Increased NVH sound absorption by 17%
  • Reduced weight by 10%

Among the honoree’s who attended Ford’s Curious Minds event was our VP Operations, who was pleased to meet Dr. Konstantin Novoselov, 2010 Nobel Prize winner for his work isolating graphene.  Dr. Novoselov was a keynote speaker discussing the science and potential applications for graphene and other 2-D materials.

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