• Case Study: Light-Duty Vehicle Components

    Polyurethane-Based Fuel Rail Covers, Pump Covers and Front Engine Covers

Reduced weight

Better heat control

Decreased NVH

Reduced material cost

The Challenge

A leading automotive OEM sought out XG Sciences graphene technology to enhance various under-the-hood vehicle components, to improve the performance, strength and mechanical properties in its top-selling sports car.

The XG Sciences Solution

XG Sciences developed custom graphene nanoplatelets in polyurethane-based components, including fuel rail covers, pump covers and front engine covers. The graphene components helped to reduce weight, achieving better heat conductivity and decreased noise. XG Sciences also determined how to reduce material costs using only a very small amount of graphene. Tests conducted by the automotive OEM found that when graphene is mixed with foam constituents, there is a 17% reduction in noise, a 20% improvement in mechanical properties and a 30% improvement in heat endurance properties over a foam that was constructed without graphene.