• The Advantages of XG Sciences Unique Graphene Nanoplatelet Formulations

    Bringing Superior Strength, Electrical, Thermal and Barrier Properties to Your Products

XG Sciences is a global leader in the development of graphene nanoplatelet formulations for numerous industries. Building on our core competency of graphene production, XG Sciences optimizes product applications in growing commercial markets, including e-Mobility, energy storage, plastics, polymers, rubber and composites, to create significant differentiating characteristics. Our unique graphene formulations provide specific advantages that improve your product’s strength, conductivity, heat resistance, lifespan and more, while also reducing costs and improving recyclability.

Using our proprietary technologies and scalable processes, combined with our scientific and engineering expertise, XG Sciences is committed to producing consistent high-quality solutions that optimize product characteristics using the unique attributes of graphene. Our engineers collaborate with customers to understand their precise needs and create a customized, scalable manufacturing process to generate their specific product.

Why XG Sciences

As the only large-scale producer of graphene nanoplatelets in North America, XG Sciences uses secure sources of high-purity raw materials in our graphene formulations. We apply our considerable chemical and mechanical processes to produce a wide array of graphene products and uniquely scalable manufacturing processes that continue to have a positive impact on global multibillion-dollar markets.

XG Sciences custom graphene formulas can be leveraged in products in many industries:

Rubber & Elastomers

Concrete & Infrastructure

Grease & Lubricants

Coatings & Inks

Energy & Batteries

Textiles & Fibers

Bottling & Packaging


Customizable Solutions

Let’s Get Started

XG Sciences produces graphene in various forms customizable to your manufacturing systems. These value-added substrates include liquid solutions (dispersions), master batches (composites) and graphene powders.

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