• Grease & Lubricants

Graphene Improves Lubrication and Decreases Machinery Wear

XG Sciences graphene additive for grease and lubricants offers extreme strength, reduced surface friction, thermal stability and anti-wear/slowed corrosion. Common applications for graphene-enhanced greases and lubricants include furnace conveyor belts, vane pumps and air filters, industrial washing plants, flow meters, heating pumps, oil pumps, machine gears, engine oils and more.

Graphene Advantages

Graphene provides lower friction and less wear at low loading levels, and in a controlled test, was demonstrated to increase machinery life by up to 50%. Graphene is commonly used as a lubricant in applications such as:

  • Hot and cold forming, wire drawing and billet coatings
  • High-speed cutting tools
  • Mold release for die cast, plastic and rubber mold applications
  • Automotive engine and many common industrial applications

Specialized Dispersions

XG Sciences can help you determine a custom graphene formula made especially for dispersion in water, solvents, oils and greases to improve lubricity under extreme conditions.

Our specialized dispersions have demonstrated improved performance in custom applications such as:

  • Self-lubricating composite fillers
  • Epoxy systems
  • Oil dispersions
  • Ball fixtures

Let’s Get Started

XG Sciences produces graphene in various forms customizable to your manufacturing systems. These value-added substrates include liquid solutions (dispersions), master batches (composites) and graphene powders.

Contact us today to discuss the optimal graphene solution for your next project.