Commercial Collaboration

We welcome collaborations of almost any type with businesses or research institutions. We are happy to conform to your business model and, in the right circumstances, we can offer market or industry exclusivity or other incentives.

We offer several ways of collaborating:

  1. Of course, we are always happy to sell materials with no strings attached, other than our normal terms of sale. Our customers are always welcome to ask for general technical support from our sales engineers or scientists.
  2. We sign Non-disclosure Agreements with customers, as appropriate. We are happy to use your format or use our standard agreement.
  3. In the case of development efforts that have significant potential to generate IP or new product applications, we negotiate Joint Development Agreements to cover our share of the inventions.

If you have other ideas about potential collaboration, please let us know. Our business model is built around broad and flexible collaboration that helps our business customers succeed in their own markets.