Research & Development Opportunities

XG Sciences works with leading education and research institutions to explore new applications for our graphene nanoplatelets and in combination with other nano materials. Our current customers include more than 80 universities and national laboratories around the world.

XG Sciences welcomes opportunities to collaborate on research and development of new products and ideas.  We understand the importance of keeping some research secretive, and we are willing to work out non-disclosure agreements, joint development agreements, or simple informal collaborations, if this benefits both parties.

  • Academic Collaboration

    Science is learning new things every day about graphene and its uses. We actively seek collaborations with scientists in academic institutions around the world. In the U.S., we work with academic partners under STTR or other forms of research funding, and we supply materials for a broad range of research purposes. Learn more about our academic collaboration


  • Commercial Collaboration

    Developing a material that suits your product application is what we are here for. Our scientists are happy to provide advice or suggestions on dispersion or other issues, and we are also willing to work with customers on modifications or specific formulations of our materials to suit your needs. Learn more about our commerical collaboration