Graphene-Based Inks and Coatings

XG Sciences’ graphene nanoplatelets expand the possibilities for conductive inks and coatings in the printed electronics, packaging and electronics markets. These nanoplatelets can be formulated into inks or coatings to take advantage of graphene’s excellent electrical or thermal properties.

Customized for optimal performance

We work with our customers to develop a dispersion or a fully-formulated coating or ink for their specific application. Inks can be formulated for rotogravure, flexo, or screen printing processes and can be tailored for various substrates. Our conductive inks can also be optimized for different curing and processing methods.

Our graphene-based coatings are especially suitable for heat dissipation or other thermal management applications, but can also be used to provide electro-static dissipation or EMI shielding for sensitive electronics.

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  • Applications for Inks/Coatings

    Applications that can benefit from XG Sciences development of graphene-based inks and coatings are the growing markets such as printed electronics, smart packaging, heat sink and RFID.

  • Products

    XG Sciences conductive inks and coatings, using xGnP® Graphene Nanoplatelets, can be developed for various types of processing and application methods.  We work with customers to provide formulations of inks or coatings to achieve targeted electrical and thermal properties.