Dispersion of Graphene Nanopleatelets

XG Sciences xGnP® Graphene Nanoplatelets come in various sizes and grades, and these particles disperse well in many systems depending on the host system. xGnP® Graphene Nanoplatelets are very thin, (5-10 nanometers in thickness) flat particles with quite large diameters.

Because of the flat shape of these particles, they are especially sensitive to van der Waals attractive forces and have a tendency to re-aggregate in the dry state. These granules are friable collections of individual platelets that prevent agglomerations and are easily broken with mechanical agitation.

We understand that our customers have different approaches to their developments and we work within many frameworks.

Various dispersions of  xGnP® Graphene Nanoplatelets can be ordered instead of bulk powder:

  • Aqueous
  • IPA
  • Organic Solvents
  • Resins and Custom

Please contact us so we can effectively serve your dispersion needs.