Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are in demand for a variety of applications including stationary energy storage, low or zero-emission transportation, and distributed power generation using renewable sources.  For next generation LIBs, Silicon (Si) has emerged as one of the most promising anode materials due to its high capacity.

Graphene delivers lower cost and improved performance

XG Sciences patent-pending process for Silicon-graphene nano-composite anode material promises to revolutionize rechargable battery performance by reducing costs while increasing the overall battery capacity, life, and charging times.

Demonstrated properties of our formulated XG-SIG anode materials include:

  • Specific capacity of 600–2000 mAh/g
  • 1st cycle efficiency of 85%
  • Supports 200 Wh/kg PHEV batteries
  • Supports 400 Wh/kg EV batteries
  • Enhanced cycle life

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