Applications for Graphene Nanoplateletes

xGnP® Graphene Nanoplatelets include the beneficial properties of graphite or graphene (electrical and thermal conductivity, stiffness, etc.), as well as those derived from its unique size and shape. When used in composite applications, these graphene nanoplatelets impart desirable properties to its carrier material that depend upon the size, density, and orientation of the platelets.  xGnP Graphene Nanoplatelets have potential in the following applications:


  • Lightweight composites for body parts
  • EMI shielding under the hood
  • Metal-matrix alloys for light-weight
  • Lubricants with improved anti-wear properties
  • Imbedded antennas and electronic circuits
  • Supercapacitors to power electric buses now running in China and California
  • Extra power for cold-crank starting of heavy-duty trucks and construction equipment
  • Lighter lithium-ion batteries


  • Power buffering between wind-turbines and the electrical grid
  • Heavy-duty supercapacitors for turbine blade feathering
  • Large-scale batteries for grid storage systems
  • Catalysis materials and bi-polar plates for fuel cells
  • More powerful batteries for instant start-stop vehicles now operating in Europe
  • Longer-range electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Longer-life, more powerful lead-acid batteries
  • Next-generation lithium-air batteries


  • Conductive inks for printed circuits
  • Thermal coatings and greases for heat dissipation
  • XG Leaf® sheets for thermal dissipation
  • Coatings for EMI shielding
  • Conductive circuits for LED backplanes


  • Light-weight composites
  • High-impact-strength coatings
  • Light-weight materials with improved stiffness
  • OLED lighting systems for sports stadiums


  • Lightweight metal composites for structural components
  • Lightweight composites for body structures
  • Conductive sheets for lightning-strike protection
  • Additives for improved impact strength
  • Ultra-high density power for satellites and aircraft
  • Resistive-heating for anti-icing surfaces


  • Super-strong concrete for skyscrapers and bridge decks
  • Abrasion-resistant concrete for roads and warehouses
  • Low-cost imbedded stress sensors
  • Membranes for water purification
  • Superior pipe-repair coatings for natural gas and oil
  • Oil-spill cleanup materials


  • Blast-resistant vehicles and ships
  • Light-weight power systems for vehicles
  • Light-weight batteries for soldiers
  • Conductive fabrics for environmental sensing
  • Self-healing and self-diagnosing composites
  • Infra-red obscuration
  • Better body-armor for soldiers


  • Injectable drug-delivery systems
  • Bio-sensors for glucose
  • Printable circuits on diagnostic devices
  • Superior packaging for high-value medical devices
  • Better containers for drug storage

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