XG Sciences Library Overview

xGnP® brand Graphene Nanoplatelets have been in production since 2006.  XG Sciences has the world’s largest production facility of its kind. Our low-cost, high-proprietary system gives xGnP the competitive edge.

  • Application Sheets

    xGnP Graphene Nanoplatelets increase electric and thermal conductivity as well as reduce permiability in certain applications.

  • Scientific Publications

    Click on the link below to see a list of scientific publications pertaining to xGnP Graphene Nanoplatelets, by XGS Scientists as well as others.

    XG Sciences Group Publications

  • Potential Applications

    xGnP Graphene Nanoplatelets include the beneficial properties of graphite or graphene (electrical and thermal conductivity, stiffness, etc.) as well as those derived from its unique size and shape.

  • Material Safety Data Sheets

    Our material safety data sheets can be located here in PDF format.  Each of them has been translated into Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and EU.