Our Partners: Expanding the possibilities for graphene nanoplatelets

Our research partners include many of the very best research laboratories around the world. US National Laboratories like Argonne, Oak Ridge, Lawrence Berkeley, and Los Alamos are research partners for different nanoplatelet application areas, while top universities like Georgia Tech, Northeastern, MIT, Drexel, and Michigan State University work with our materials.

XG Sciences welcomes partners of all types. If you are interested in distributing our products or developing products based on our materials, please contact us.

We are honored to work with a number of organizations that share an interest in developing state-of-the-art materials or products based on our xGnP® Graphene Nanoplatelets or related materials. These are just some of the companies we work with around the world:

Corporate Partners

Hanwha Chemical

Part of the large Hanwha Group in South Korea, Hanwha Chemical manufactures chemicals, resins, battery materials, and nanoparticles in Korea. Hanwha is an investor in XG Sciences and a development and sales partner.


Headquartered in South Korea, POSCO is a global company best known as one of the largest steel companies in the world. POSCO subsidiaries include global logistics businesses, construction, power generation, and advanced materials businesses. POSCO is a technology licensee and a manufacturing, sales and development partner.


For over 70 years, Samsung has been dedicated to making a better world through diverse businesses that today span advanced technology, semiconductors, skyscraper and plant construction, petrochemicals, fashion, medicine, finance, hotels, and more. Samsung is an investor in XG Sciences and is a technology development partner.

Technology Development Partners

Cabot Corporation

A leading global specialty chemicals and performance materials company, Cabot Corporation delivers a broad range of products and solutions to customers around the world. Cabot is a technology licensee and development partner.

Cheorwan Plasma Research Institute (CPRI)

Located in the northern part of South Korea, CPRI is developing advanced techniques for plasma-treating our xGnP® Graphene Nanoplatelets to optimize their performance in applications for the electronics industry.

The Gas Technology Institute (GTI)

Located in Des Plaines, Il, GTI is a not-for-profit Research and Development Organization with about 250 professionals. GTI R&D Market Units address key issues impacting natural gas and energy markets in the areas of energy supply, delivery, and end use. GTI provides programs and services to industry, government, and consortia that include contract R&D, collaborative R&D, technical services, and education programs. GTI is a development partner working with XG Sciences to develop specific solutions for the natural gas and energy markets.

University and Laboratory Partners

XG Sciences works closely with several US National Laboratories and Universities around the world. Some of our main public research collaborators include:

Argonne National Laboratory – batteries and lubricants

Oak Ridge National Laboratory – energy storage, metal composites

Lawrence Berkeley National laboratory –batteries

Sandia National Laboratory – batteries

National Research Council of Canada – batteries

US Air Force Research Laboratory – supercapacitors

US Army Research Laboratory – energy storage, armor

Georgia Institute of Technology – batteries

Drexel University – supercapacitors

University of Waterloo – batteries

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – batteries

Fraunhofer IPA – supercapacitors, batteries

Fraunhofer ISC – supercapacitors, batteries

Michigan State University – composites, coatings, batteries, supercapacitors, ceramics

Northeastern University – batteries

University of California, San Diego – batteries