XG Sciences Announces $4M Agreement with Cabot Corporation

XG Sciences, Inc. announced today that it has finalized an agreement with Cabot Corporation to license certain XG Sciences intellectual property. Under the agreement, XG Sciences will provide Cabot with non-exclusive rights to XG Sciences’ low-cost production technology for the manufacture of Graphene Nanoplatelets. XG Sciences also agrees to sell Cabot certain of XG Sciences’… Read More

BKL handles POSCO investment in XG Sciences, U.S. maker of “miracle material” graphene

2011-07-04 Bae, Kim & Lee LLC has advised Korean steel giant POSCO in the purchase of a 20% stake in XG Sciences Inc., a Michigan-based manufacturer of graphene nanoplatelets. Completed on June 30, 2011, the investment in new shares of XG Sciences makes POSCO the largest shareholder in the technology start-up. BKL advised POSCO throughout… Read More

Graphene Manufacturer XG Sciences Announces Partnership with POSCO

XG Sciences and POSCO today announced that the two companies had entered into a series of agreements to create a strategic partnership for the advancement of graphene manufacturing and product development based on XG Sciences’ proprietary technologies. Under the agreements, POSCO will purchase a 20% share of XG Sciences, Inc. and will obtain production licenses… Read More

XG Sciences’ CEO Delivers Keynote Address at Plastics Conference

XG Sciences CEO Michael R. Knox today delivered a Keynote Address at a plastics industry conference. The conference, titled “Plastics Modification: Additives, Compounding & Coatings” was held in Chicago and sponsored by Innoplast Solutions and PolyOne. During his address, Mr. Knox discussed the use of XG Sciences revolutionary new nanomaterial, called xGnP® Graphene Nanoplatelets, to… Read More

XG Sciences Announces Investment and Partnership with Hanwha Chemical

XG Sciences and Hanwha Chemical announced today that the two companies had entered into a series of agreements to create a strategic partnership. Under the agreements, Hanwha Chemical purchased a minority stake in XG Sciences and obtained distribution rights for XG Sciences’ products. The two companies also agreed to begin joint development of products for… Read More

Nanotechnology company gets new funding for graphene research

 A July 12 agreement between Seoul, South Korea-based conglomerate Hanwha Group and XG Sciences Inc. will lead to $1 million in funding for further research on the latter’s trademarked xGnP Graphene Nanoplatelets.  Posted on: 9/1/2010 High-Performance Composites A July 12 agreement between Seoul, South Korea-based conglomerate Hanwha Group and XG Sciences Inc. (East Lansing, Mich.) will… Read More

XG Sciences Adds Arnold A. Allemang to Board of Directors

March 25, 2010 EAST LANSING, Mich. — XG Sciences, Inc., a manufacturer of multifunctional nanomaterials, today announced that Arnold A. Allemang has been elected to the Company’s Board of Directors.   Mr. Allemang has had a long and distinguished career in the materials industry. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Dow Chemical… Read More

Nanotechnology Increases Strength of SMC

Researchers at Michigan State University (MSU) in the USA have added a nanomaterial to sheet moulding compound (SMC) to make it stronger, tougher and electrically conductive. The nanomaterial – xGnP® graphene nano-platelets – was invented at MSU. Research shows that when about 3% of the material is added to a standard SMC formulation, the resulting… Read More

MSU Nanotechnology Research Nets Nano 50 Award

November 30, 2007 EAST LANSING, Mich. — A new nanotechnology material developed at Michigan State University has enabled XG Sciences, Inc., a start-up company headquartered in East Lansing, Michigan, to be named a winner in the third annual Nanotech Briefs Nano 50 awards program. Nanotech Briefs is a digital magazine that presents the best of… Read More