XG Sciences’ Graphene Technology Offers Callaway Golfers Distance Off the Tee and an Edge on the Green

LANSING, Mich., Feb. 13, 2018 – XG Sciences, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-quality graphene nanomaterials, today announced a collaboration with Callaway Golf Company focused on two new product offerings: the Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X golf balls. This new Callaway Golf® ball line incorporates XG Sciences’ highperformance graphene nanoplatelets into the outer core… Read More

XG Sciences Secures Financing from the Dow Chemical Company

Philp Rose, CEO of XG Sciences, stated, “We are pleased to work with Dow on this agreement.” 2016-12-21-xgs-press-release-on-dow-financing

XG Sciences awarded U.S. Department of Energy grant

XG Sciences has been awarded a Small Business Vouchers Pilot (SVB) grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. To learn more about the award, please visit XG Sciences SVB Grant.

XG Sciences and Boston-Power Announce Collaboration in Advanced Battery Materials

Lansing, Mich., Westborough, Mass., December 2, 2015 —XG Sciences and Boston-Power today announced a joint development program aimed at customizing XG Sciences’ silicon-graphene anode materials for use in Boston-Power’s next-generation lithium-ion battery cell products. XG Sciences and Boston-Power Announce Collaboration in Advanced Battery Materials

XG Sciences Presents at LD Micro Conference

Dr. Philip Rose, Chief Executive Officer for XG Sciences, spoke on June 2, 2015, at the LD Micro Conference. LD Micro is an investment newsletter firm that focuses on finding undervalued companies in the micro-cap space. Since 2002, the firm has published reports on select companies throughout the year. The firm also hosts the LD… Read More

XG Sciences Named to “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch”

Lansing, Mich., March 18, 2015 —XG Sciences, a leading global supplier of graphene nanoplatelets and related graphene materials, has been named a “Michigan 50 Companies To Watch” award winner by Michigan Celebrates Small Business (MCSB). XG Sciences Named to “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch”  

XG Sciences Announces Break Through in Silicon-based Next Generation Lithium Ion Battery Anode Material

Lansing, Mich., March 10, 2015 — XG Sciences (“XGS”), a leading provider of graphene nanoplatelets, announced today that it has achieved a major break-through with its latest generation of Silicon Graphene (“XG SiG™”) anode materials for lithium-ion batteries. XGS has demonstrated full cell cycle stability through over 400 charge/discharge cycles in its next generation XG… Read More

XG Sciences Appoints Dr. Philip L. Rose as Chief Executive Officer

13 January 2013 – Lansing, MI – XG Sciences, a leader in the field of graphene and graphene-based products, has named Philip L. Rose as chief executive officer. “We are pleased to welcome Philip to XG Sciences,” Mike Knox, co-founder and former CEO, said. “He brings an invaluable combination of scientific and management expertise that… Read More

U.S. Department of Energy Funds Ongoing Development of Advanced Battery Materials at XG Sciences.

Lansing, Michigan, November 18, 2013 — XG Sciences, Inc. (XGS) announced today it has been awarded $1 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for continued development of its XG SiG™ high-energy lithium-ion battery materials. These new anode materials have demonstrated energy storage capacity of up to four times that of conventional… Read More

New Battery Anode with Four Times the Capacity of Conventional Materials

Lansing, Michigan, April 11, 2013 — XG Sciences, Inc. (XGS) announced today that it has launched a new generation of anode materials for lithium-ion batteries (LIB) with four times the capacity of conventional anodes. The new anode material is produced through proprietary manufacturing processes and uses the Company’s xGnP® graphene nanoplatelets to stabilize silicon particles… Read More