Senator Stabenow Visits XG Sciences

“Jobs of the Future” Tour Makes Stop at XG Sciences in Lansing

Tuesday, Aug 7

U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow, Co-Chair of the Senate Manufacturing Caucus, today made a “Jobs of the Future” Tour stop at XG Sciences in Lansing where she addressed Michigan’s leadership in advanced battery manufacturing and cutting-edge technologies. XG Sciences is a high-tech company developing next-generation nano-materials for advanced batteries and other applications like aerospace, appliances, automotive parts, super capacitors, fuel tanks, and sporting goods. Today’s event was another stop on Stabenow’s “Jobs of the Future” Tour, where she is meeting with Michigan business leaders and discussing her initiatives to boost Michigan’s new economy by helping innovative companies create the new high-tech jobs of the future.

XG Sciences produces xGnP® brand Graphene Nanoplatelets which are ultrathin particles of graphite. Graphene has a number of beneficial properties which include electrical and thermal conductivity, barrier resistance, size, and stiffness. For example, Graphene Nanoplatelets can be used to improve the effectiveness of a lithium ion battery or reinforce the stiffness of materials used in aerospace applications.

Senator Stabenow said: “When we make things here and grow things here, we create jobs here in Michigan. Michigan is leading the country in clean energy innovation and advanced batteries, and we must continue supporting these cutting-edge businesses so we can see more high-tech products being made in Michigan. We cannot afford to lose the global race with other countries to create the new jobs of the future.”

Scott Murray, Vice President of XG Sciences, said: “We are very pleased Senator Stabenow visited XG Sciences as part of her Jobs of the Future Tour. We are a growing, high-tech company that has developed a new innovative material to improve advanced manufacturing applications. We appreciate her continued focus on growing Michigan’s advanced battery and clean energy sector which really will create the jobs of the future.”

Senator Stabenow has led the effort to boost the production of advanced clean energy vehicles and innovative technologies here in the United States. Stabenow’s Battery Innovation Act is the first comprehensive plan offering Michigan companies the support they need to expand advanced battery production and job growth and ensure that America wins the race in the development of new advanced energy technologies. The Act incorporates all aspects of advanced battery production, from research and development, to the availability of raw materials, to the manufacturing of these high-tech products. For more information, click here.

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