Air Force Research Laboratory Selects XG Sciences to Develop High-Energy Ultracapacitors

XG Sciences, Inc. announced today it has been selected by the Air Force Research Laboratory to develop ultrahigh-energy ultracapacitors for use in space energy storage systems. XGSs’ graphene-based energy storage materials have demonstrated significant increases in storage capacity over traditional activated carbon and are manufactured in a commercially-proven, environmentally friendly, low-cost process.


“Our Air Force contract will target development of ultracapacitors capable of delivering the high specific energy necessary for advanced space applications,” said Rob Privette, VP Energy Markets. “Our graphene-based energy storage materials deliver significant improvements over traditional carbon charge storage materials due to their highly accessible surface area, low-resistance current carrying capability, and tailorable particle size. We believe that this research will also help advance the state-of-the-art in ultracapacitors for automotive and industrial applications.” The project is supported by the Air Force Research Laboratory under Contract No. FA9453-12-M-0032.

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